Jiuli is keeping growing with its HSE

commitment to environmental protection,

occupational safety and health in workplace.

Jiuli attaches great importance to the health and safety of its staffs, and has set up a integrate safety management system.

New staffs shall have security, environmental protection and health education and get qualified firstbefore working.

Everyone has a copy of the “Safety Handbook”.

The company also signed anagreement of Safety Obligations with the persons in charge of production to enhance the safety responsibility of all management.

Besides,the monthly-held security check can exclude potential risks in time.

And Jiuli conducts emergency drill every year to improve staffs’ strain capacity, and also the yearly physical examination organized by the company shows its great attention to human caring.

HSE is always our top priority and core value

Protecting the environment is our responsibility. 

While developing the economy, the company makes great efforts to its harmonious development between human, society and the environment. The company focuses on circular economy:

Waste Water: The company has invested a lotin building automatic waste water treatment station to process the waste water. In this way, it has not only improved automatic control system, but also reduced workers’ labor intensity. And it also raised water reuse rate and ensured the stable emission after the waste water treatment within standard.

Waste Gas: The company has invested a large amount of money in developingacid mist suppressant, which can reduce waste gas emission from pickling process to protect the naturalenvironment and improve working environment.

Hazardous Solid Waste: The companydelegates qualified units to do routinely clean and prevent secondary pollution.

Besides, the company emphasizes much on energy-saving and emission reduction, and uses natural gas for all production equipment to achievethe goal of reducing greenhouse gas and the emission of harmful gas reaching energy-saving, emission-reduction and consumption reduction. By strong sense of responsibility and high efficiency of work,Jiuli has been qualifiedby ISO14001:2004 Environment Management System, OHSAS18001:2007 Occupation Health Safety Management System and acceptance of clean production.