Subsidiary-Jiuli Property Company

Founded in 2014, JIULI Property Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of JIULI Group, with a various business including security service, cleaning, catering, farms and other service. Huzhou Nataihu Oasis farm is the main unit.

Oasis farm aims to develop high-quality and high-efficiency agriculture. On the premise of management improvement and investment cost recovery, Oasis farm expand its business in a special managing model: cooperation with JIULI Group’s canteens and staff welfare services, looking for more clients and developing leisure tourism industry. The farm applies the theory of circular economy to its agriculture by adopting an ecological model, advanced technologies, and new species to realize the economic benefit and environmental benefit.

Oasis farm is striving to improve its hardware facilities like agricultural products Research & Development Center, agricultural science and technology information center, training and exhibition hall, etc. and provides safe and high quality agricultural products.