Subsidiary-Huzhou Jiulicheng (Jiuli) Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

JIULI Group owns two high-grade real estates including JIULI ▪ Hudong Garden and Josun Garden.


1、JIULI ▪ Hudong Garden

JIULI▪Hudong Garden, as part of new town construction strategy, is located in the east of Huzhou. The main roads connect Hudong Garden and other communities around, making it convenient for residents to live in this residence.

Except for the superior location, parks around with beautiful scenery make Hudong Garden a livable community. Rich education resource including Kindergarten, primary school and middle school, hospital, super market, gym, and shopping malls nearby facilitate residence’s life.

Covering more than 250000㎡, with terraces, garden villa, apartment, shops, Hudong Garden is competitive among Real Estate companies.

JIULI ▪ Hudong Garden TEL:0572-2519888


2、Josun Garden

For a long time the city is located in the town of Nanxun, southeast Washington people and ruilu Hongqiao Road junction, in the southeast of Nanxun in the construction of residential section of the core position, occupy Nanxun town southeast southeast direction, both sides of which are wide river, is a good residential land. From the area of land and the scale of development, it is the chief market of Nanxun, representing the most noble living and living environment in Nanxun.

As the representative community of Nanxun's noble life in the future, the following features are reflected in the design and planning of the long city.

1, the largest residential community in Nanxun so far has a building area of about 230 thousand square meters.
2, the greening rate is up to 37%.
3, the whole water area, realize the organic connection of natural and artificial waterscape landscape through the expansion of natural water, the local area also forms an island waterfront townhouse.
4, property types covered multi-layer, garden villas, high-rise, exquisite villas, garden villas, tower courtyard villa, single family villas, large supermarkets, shops, kindergartens and so on, is the only Nanxun while supporting a large brand supermarkets, commercial street, twelve community kindergarten class standard.
5, the most fully functional community service center in Nanxun.
6, supporting the center of children's pool.
7, the introduction of Huzhou Classic Property Management Co., Ltd. for property management.
8, the introduction of pipeline natural gas, except for the high level, is equipped with solar hot water system.
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