Enterprise Culture

Company philosophy

Enterprise spirit


Working Hard,
Quality First,
and Sincerity Oriented

Business Philosophy


Serving customers,
making contribution to the society
and keeping JIULI developing

Enterprise Mission


Supply high-performance materials
for global industries

Core Values

JIULI aims to provide reliable products for global industries and also makes contributions to the national industries. All the people in JIULI will unite as one to strive for this goal. JIULI’s development will definitely benefit the customers, stockholders, employee and the whole society

Enterprise spirit 

“Hard-working”:we shall keep passionate and pioneering spirit of dedication, diligence, conscientiousness, innovation, competitive and frugality for growing prosperity. Dedication, diligence, conscientiousness, innovation, competitive, frugality
“High Quality”:in daily work we shall dedicated to improving our management, occupational skills and professional knowledge to provide more satisfying products and service to customers
“Reputation First”:JIULI Group always fulfils this principle to build up a good relationship with our customers, suppliers, counterparts, financial organization and the government. It is also the base to deal with the relationship within the group

Enterprise Philosophy

Mature technology: this requirement drives us to improve facility capacity, manufacturing processes and technologies so as to provide high quality products. Meanwhile, every employee shall try to be more professional on his occupation and skilled at equipment operation. All of these motivates the reliable product quality to meet customers’ satisfactory to the utter most of our power.
Only by putting ourselves in customers’ shoes, create value for them and benefit customers and the society, can we sustainably developing ourselves.

Enterprise Philosophy

Gratitude:have a positive attitude, appreciate the every opportunity and platform JIULI provides to us and obey rules in JIULI.
Responsibility:observe professional ethics and devote to work. Everyone shall show respect to each other and build a good atmosphere.
Continuous learning:Only by continuous learning can we make progress at our post and survive in the competitive society.
Innovation:learning promotes innovation. Innovation means product research and development. Innovation also means handling our daily work and improving product quality with higher efficiency, less cost and easier methods.
Win-win cooperation: work on the win-win cooperation among the customers, manufactures, staff, society and stockholders by selfless dedication, reliable product quality and efficiency improvement.

R&D Philosophy

Most of the Chinese companies are in lack of core technology and less competitive. As a result, they can only get very low added value. JIULI realizes the weakness and tries to develop its own technology and improve the competitive performance with the help of scientific information system and technical resources.

Grasp Core Technology Frontier, Commitment to Excellent Product.

Management Philosophy

The management shall be people oriented. People oriented management is the foundation of JIULI’s management and its improvement shall be system optimized and regulated as a whole. In return, each unit should try to reach the professional requirements and improve its efficiency. Everyone in JIULI shall show enthusiasm to his job to perfect the management.

Market Philosophy

Market is fast changing. JIULI shall form a quick acting mechanism to immediately grasp opportunities and avoid risks. Meanwhile, on the premise of leading technology and reliable quality, JIULI will provide outstanding service to win customers’ satisfaction.

Quick ResponseService Marketing

Talent Philosophy

We hope everyone is promising talent and we are against individual heroism. Only people who possess both ability and political integrity are the real talents in Jiuli. Morality is very important, and the morality standard is exactly Jiuli’s philosophy system. We encourage innovation and personality, but any activity could not cross the line of Jiuli’s culture.
We don’t think the talents must be elites. The people who can perform well and play an important role in ordinary positions are the people that Jiuli needs. Jiuli needs all kinds of talents and would like to provide great stage for the people who have professional skills so that they can display their talent well in proper positions.

Quality Philosophy

The market has transformed from sale to marketing. Good quality is a must for a good brand and also the basic requirement for a company. JIULI values the product quality and this will help JIULI to develop continually and win in the competitive market. To implement this philosophy, managing personnel, engineers and manufacturing employees shall bear the philosophy in mind and keep improving to ensure the product quanlity.